The Guardians of the Galaxy Video Game Soundtrack Gets a Vinyl Release From Mondo

The Guardians of the Galaxy Video Game Soundtrack Gets a Vinyl Release

It’s not exactly an Awesome Mix, but Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is a must-have for players who want to complement their gaming experience with a healthy mix of orchestral suites and heavy metal thunder. Ahead of the game’s release tomorrow, the developers are teaming up with Mondo to release a new double LP that collects its wide-ranging musical contributions on 180-gram wax.

The soundtrack actually features two separate albums. Disc one includes songs from the Star-Lord Band, the ‘80s rock act from which Peter Quill derives his superhero name. All of these tracks were co-composed by Steve Sczepkowski and Yohann Boudreault. Fans got a taste of their work earlier this month when Marvel premiered the album’s first single, “Zero to Hero.”

“Music is intrinsic to the Guardians’ franchise, and we wanted to make it focal to the gameplay experience,” explained Szczepkowski. “The soundtrack is infused in the DNA of the game, and our use of it goes far beyond usual expectations. Whether it’s powering up combat in the Huddle or bringing Star-Lord’s favorite band to life, every element was carefully woven into the lore to enhance the story of this rock-and-roll band of misfits.”

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Meanwhile, the second disc features composer Richard Jacques’ actual score for the game. Jacques has previously lent his musical talents to the original Mass Effect along with a number of Sonic entries, so he knows his way around a big franchise. The records are also pressed on purple and green vinyl and fit inside a sleeve featuring art by César Moreno. A black vinyl option is available as well. Additionally, both versions retail for $35.

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack will be available to pre-order from Mondo’s website on October 27 at 12pm CT. You can also view the album’s artwork in the gallery below.

Will you be ordering a copy of the game’s soundtrack on Wednesday? Let us know in the comment section below!

Disc One
Star-Lord Band (featuring Steve Szczepkowski, Yohann Boudreault)
Side A
01. Zero to Hero
02. Bit of Good (Bit of Bad)
03. Ghost
04. Watch Me Shine
Side B
01. We’re Here
02. Space Riders with No Names
03. All for One
04. The Darkness Inside
Disc Two
Music by Richard Jacques
Side A
01. Entering the Zone
02. Busted
03. The Monster Queen
04. Your Bones Are Mine
05. Good People Never Really Die
06. A Handy Way to Travel
07. The Matriarch
Side B
01. Universal Church of Truth
02. Spoken Like a True Kree
03. Discouraged Souls
04. Knowhere Under Fire
05. Dragon Lord of Kakaranathara
06. Gardeners of the Galaxy (Featuring Steve Ouimette)

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