X-Men Animated Figures Lead Pulse Con 2021 Marvel Legends Reveals

While Hasbro‘s Marvel Legends line seems massive and comprehensive, they’ve always left one key ommission. For all the comic and movie and TV figures they’ve done, the popular X-Men animated series was never included. Sure, Hasbro made the comic book characters in the outfits shown on the cartoon frequently. But never dedicated, based-directly figures. Perhaps inspire by Diamond Select and Mondo’s steps into that direction, they’ve changed all that today. An animated style Wolverine and Jubilee will come in VHS-styled packaging. While they will use the more detailed comic style bodies, they include new animation-based head sculpts, cel-shading paint jobs, and accessories.

So yes, this Wolverine will include the framed picture of Jean and Scott. And the frame will open, so fans can switch in their own pictures. Imagine the memes.

The Walgreens exclusives this year will focus on villains, beginning with Baron Zemo. And with Vulcan, the Legends team debut a new generic hero body with more articulation, pinless joints and improved sculpting.

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From movies and TV, a Captain America 2-pack combines a former exclusive Steve Cap with the recent Sam Cap (no wings, sorry). Both figures include new deco details, and Sam for the first time will come with an unmasked photoreal head. The Winter Soldier also gets a remake, using the previous movie body with two new photoreal heads and improved paint and colors. And in honor of WandaVision, classic comic versions of Wanda and white Vision will see vintage Toy Biz-card treatment.

Other 6-inch Legends on the way include Knull (an 8-inch tall figure) and D’Spayre. The retro 3.75 inch line will add Venom, Mr. Fantastic, Phoenix, and Wolverine.

Finally, the Marvel Legends 20th anniversary line gets its second figure with Iron Man. Based on the original variant mask figure, this one uses a newly sculpted body, and comes with blast effects, stand, mini-comic, and reversible backdrop. And a future figure tease resembles a metal worm in a puddle. Hmmm… Many of these figures can be preordered by Pulse members right now, and will go on sale to all at 5pm eastern. But not all will show up yet.

Take a look at them in the gallery below. Then tell us your favorites in comments!

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