Mezco 2021 Fall Reveals: Batman, Godzilla, Power Rangers and More

It’s the time of year that companies who aren’t going to New York Comic Con hold their own virtual events to show all the goodies coming up in the next year. Mezco is no exception, and in two recent days of online reveals, they showed some spiffy new additions to their signature Five Points and One: 12 Collection lines. Let’s break down the Mezco 2021 Fall reveals.

One: 12 remains the company’s gold standard action figure style. The six-inch figures that pack as many details as 12-inch import toys often immortalize superheroes, and have done so again. For solo figures, Marvel’s major bad guy Doctor Doom gets some love, Latverian style. In a two pack, classic-style Batman and Two-Face battle it out. And in a whopping five-pack, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers can strike some serious poses.

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Five Points has gained ground in recent years, however. The simply articulated 4-inch characters get more complex in sculpt each year, and monsters will dominate the near future. Godzilla and Hedorah battle it out in a set with interchangeable parts. And in a Universal Monsters -inspired (but not officially legally) playset, four classic characters come in an 18-inch tall Tower of Fear. Compatible with all 3-3/4-inch figures, this diorama set includes Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, and Gill Man.

All release dates are TBD. But take a look through the gallery below, and start praying it’s soon.

Which are your favorites? Let us know in comments!

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