Back to the Future Part III Doc and Marty Saddle up for Hot Toys

Yee-haw! Great Scott! In the year 1885, Hill Valley barely resembles much beyond a small settlement. But a couple of newcomers look set to shake things up. First up, Dr. Emmett Brown, inventor way ahead of his time. Second, Clint Eastwood, a.k.a. Marty McFly, a man on a mission to prevent Doc Brown’s future murder. To commemorate their great adventure, Hot Toys now gives us Back to the Future Part III Doc and Marty figures. And the Old West may never feel the same.

Both come pretty loaded with film-specific accessories. Marty includes a poncho that attaches with magnets, as well as a communicator, hoverboard, pie dish for throwing, bulletproof stove armor, photo of Doc’s tombstone, gun, and full cowboy outfit.

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Doc, meanwhile, includes both a formal jacket with bow tie and a less formal trenchoat to wear over an unbuttoned shirt. He also includes a communicator, plus a pocket watch, miniature model time machine, and his souped-up custom sniper rifle. Each figure costs $270, and fans can preorder now for first-quarter delivery in 2023. That allows for a whole year and a quarter to make payments if the sticker shock feels too great right now.

Check out many more images in the gallery below. Will you buy the Back to the Future Part III Doc and Marty? Let us know in comments.

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