Tony Stark Snaps Again in What If…? Mid-Season Sneak Peek

What If…? is speeding to the conclusion of the freshman season. With only four episodes left, the first-ever animated show by Marvel Studios has already conquered the fans’ hearts. So far, it has been a parade of the most beloved superheroes in intriguing plots set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — or should we call it Marvel Cinematic Multiverse? Today Marvel dropped a brief video about what viewers should expect from the anthology series before it wraps up season 1 on Oct. 6. Along with a collection of superheroes from the first episodes, the sneak peek offers a glimpse of what’s coming next. And it seems that the show will soon deal with the famous scene from Avengers: Endgame where Tony Stark snaps his fingers with the full-powered Infinity Gauntlet, defeating Thanos once and for all. This time, things might go differently. After all, it is a what-if scenario.

You can watch the What If…? mid-season sneak peek in the player below.

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In the latest installment, the animated series addressed the Marvel Zombies continuity, bringing a thrilling zombie version of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on-screen. Prior to that, the AC Bradley-conceived show dealt with Agent Carter taking on Captain America’s shield to become Captain Carter. Also, Prince T’Challa turned into Star-Lord, Natasha Romanoff solved a whodunnit case, and Stephen Strange coped with an absolute point in the timeline.

What If…? returns on Disney+ on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

What do you think about the What If…? mid-season sneak peek? Watch it, then let us know in the comment section below!

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