McFarlane Toys’ The Princess Bride Action Figures Revealed

Let nobody ever again say that Princess Bride action figures are inconceivable. If indeed they ever did. McFarlane Toys just revealed what fans hope will be wave 1 of the toy line inspired by the 1987 cult classic. Westley as Dread Pirate Roberts, Fezzik, Inigo Montoya, and Princess Buttercup look to be fully poseable with movie-accurate accessories. Buttercup even includes a fabric skirt. It’s not clear what scale they will come in, but if it’s 6-inch, they can integrate with McFarlane’s previous Game of Thrones line. If it’s 7-inch, they’ll play well with The Witcher.

Here’s the full image, released on McFarlane Toys’ social channels today:

Expect preorder information and more specifics next week.

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Obviously, fans hope for a second wave, as this one leaves out some key characters. Prince Humperdink, Count Rugen, Miracle Max, and, well, a Princess Bride action figure line without Vizzini would be…there’s a word for it. One that does mean what we think it means. Plus who doesn’t want a good custom base for My Dinner With Andre toys?

Screaming eels and ROUSes would also be welcome additions.

What do you make of The Princess Bride action figures so far? Give us your thoughts in comments below.

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