Todd McFarlane’s Biggest Toy Ever Is a Batman Monster Truck

How much will it cost? We don’t know. Where will it be sold? We don’t know that either. But Todd McFarlane already has in his hands a packaged sample of the Batmobeast, a Batman monster truck, which he claims is McFarlane Toys biggest item ever. That’s a grand claim — McFarlane Toys originated the quarter-scale horror action figures now made by NECA. And they also did a Spawn Alley playset early on that was intricate and big, scaled to the then-smaller figures.

But vehicles for 7-inch figures seldom get made. Especially anything bigger than a motorcycle. And one thing Todd does reveal about the Batmobeast is that the top comes off to fit a figure inside. Maybe more than one. Watch the demo video below:


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In comics, the Batmobeast is an evil Batman whose consciousness once possessed all technology, but now remains stuck in the body of a monster truck. Although powerful, he’s as vulnerable to hacking as any other piece of technology. And yes, other characters can ride in him.

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Still, even to kids of all ages who don’t read the current Batman comics, it’s a freakin’ Batman monster truck. It doesn’t take a ton of backstory to grasp that appeal.

How much would you pay for the Batmobeast? Let us know in comments!

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