Todd McFarlane Reveals the Most Todd McFarlane-y Batman Figure Ever

Now this is what everyone expected when they first heard Todd McFarlane got the rights to make DC Comics toys. A Batman with a stylized, fully sculpted cape big enough to conceal a Volkswagen underneath it, brooding in a graveyard. Or, more simply, Batman: Year Two. McFarlane’s been pretty generous to frequent collaborator Greg Capullo in his figure choices, but it’s finally time to indulge. Based on Todd’s own artwork, this deluxe boxed McFarlane Toys figure goes on sale tomorrow, Sept.3, as a Target exclusive. And 1,000 chase variants will include a card signed by McFarlane. The signature won’t be visible in the package, but the box front will indicate if it’s inside or not.

In an amusing acknowledgement that his anatomy may not always be on-point, Todd points out that the cape doesn’t work if Batman has arms. As such, the large plastic cape can come off, with a cloth cape underneath and arms that pop on. Take look in the video below:

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The Batman: Year Two figure also includes a Batarang, and a base that features the tombstone of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Now that the company has delivered this Batman, we need the Reaper next. Because surely McFarlane Toys is just itching to make a skull-faced villain with flayed-flesh styled armor and combination scythe/gun hands.

Will you try to brave Target’s preorder system for this figure? Let us know in comments!

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