McFarlane Toys Unleashes Two Lex Luthor Action Figures

Somehow, despite the fact that McFarlane Toys‘ DC Multiverse line leans heavily into Batman and Superman, the company hadn’t touched Kal-El’s arch-enemy until now. Sure, he’s not as guaranteed to make money as the Joker, but Lex Luthor is way better at gaining and abusing power. And both new action figures revealed this week emphasize different forms of that.

First, Lex as a sort of Super-Darkseid from The Darkseid War storyline. He comes with an Apokolips throne that fans will undoubtedly want to sit the “Snyder Cut” Darkseid figure upon as well. Yet he maintains the $19.99 price point, suggesting it’s a hollow piece. Cool nonetheless. Despots love their thrones.

Utilizing the same base body, but a new had and armor, McFarlane will also make Power Armor Lex Luthor. Inspired by the classic green and purple Lex color scheme, it’s styled after his New 52 look. This figure includes bonus fist hand and open hand.

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Both figures should arrive by Christmas, with preorders now up at sites like Entertainment Earth. (Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and earns fees based on purchases made through site links.) Finally, Superman figures in your collection will have an arch-foe who can’t be swayed by his mother’s name.

Will you buy either or both Lex Luthor figures? Let us know in comments.

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