Deadpool Heavyweights Miniatures Are Totally Metal, Literally

Everyone knows Deadpool can come across pretty “metal” in terms of attitude. He’s fearless, profane, and into phantasmagorical imagery and death. But a new series of 1:18 miniatures that capture different sides of his personality are actually mad from fully cast metal. Eaglemoss‘ “Heavyweights” series captures the likenesses of many licenses, but for Deadpool, they’re free to veer in several directions. Preorder any of the first four Deadpool Heavyweights for $49.95 and a November delivery. Just in time for Thanksgiving, which Deadpool probably thinks is the day people owe him thanks for merely existing.

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The miniatures utilize 1:18 scale, about the size of a classic Star Wars figure. And each design comes in a  collector’s tin, decorated with the actual comic art that inspired it. Collect Deadpool as a groom, French maid, “guy with his underwear on the outside of his costume,” or classic merc with a mouth. Unlike the similar boxer shorts Hasbro Deadpool, this underwear version does don full pants underneath. Think of it as if someone tried to explain Superman’s costume really badly.

Considering all the variations Deadpool goes through on a regular basis, this line could easily expand for a long time to come. First, take a look through the gallery below for multiple angles on the available four. Then, in comments, tell us which Deadpool you’d like to see Eaglemoss make next.

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