Topps Kick off Exclusive Mego Action Figure Series With Shazam

Up until now, the revival of iconic ’70s action figure manufacturer Mego has largely been confined to Target stores. Thanks to a new deal with Topps, however, they plan on selling more collector-focused toys online. Mego encompasses many licenses for 8-inch clothed figures, from Happy Days to Muhammed Ali and Freddy Krueger. For Topps, they look to aim at the type of buyer who’s into collector cards. A preview image suggests future offerings will include Willy Wonka, Chucky, Hannibal Lecter, classic movie-styled James T. Kirk and Spock, and more.

But bookending them all, Topps reveals the first two offerings: Shazam (Captain Marvel) and Black Adam. Both cost $19.99 apiece, with the promise of new reveals every week. Fans can sign up at the link for an email list that offers a 10% discount and a chance to buy new figures first.

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While the Topps connection aims at collectors and fans of vintage styles, Mego figures still aim for being playable and resembling toys more than collectibles. Using a similar base body to their original design, the company specializes in cloth costumes that allow the figures full poseability. Face sculpt technology has improved since the ’70s, but Mego still goes for a more toyetic look than a digital scan.

Take a look at the figures from more angles in our gallery below. Will you summon the magic of Mego with the conjuring phrase “Buy now”? Let us know in comments.

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