The Original Ghostbusters Get the Mego Figure Treatment

When pop culture icons of the ’80s get the action figure treatment of the ’70s. Sort of. Mego made their name among kids and collectors in the pre-Star Wars era, with eight-inch articulated “nude” figure bodies clad in cloth outfits. In recent years, the company returned with similar toys, mostly using throwback style designs, unlike, say, NECA, which evolved the Mego style with more lifelike sculpts. To do the original Ghostbusters, however, Mego partnered with Hasbro. And it looks like the headsculpts are up-sized versions of the Hasbro figure sculpts. Albeit with simpler paint jobs, which in turn make them look halfway like their Real Ghostbusters animated counterparts.

At $69.99 for the set, they’re actually cheaper than the smaller Hasbro figures. (The math works out to just over $17 apiece.) Exclusively available for preorder at Hasbro Pulse, the set should ship out around Nov 1.

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From Hasbro’s official description: “We’ve crossed streams with Mego Corporation, creators of a classic action figure style featuring soft goods costume pieces, to bring these classic Ghostbusters characters into the fun, Mego style for the first time ever, with the same premium details Ghostbusters fans are looking to trap! Featuring detailed head sculpts for realistic likenesses and movie-inspired accessories, including 4 Proton Packs with Neutrona Wands, 4 Ghost Traps, a P.K.E. Meter, and even Ray Stantz’s iconic Ecto Goggles, this Hasbro Pulse x Mego Ghostbusters 4-pack is coming to save the world!”

Check out the gallery below for more looks at the team. Will these figures be able to claim they came, they saw, they kicked your collection’s ass? Let us know in comments.

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