Hasbro Will Crowdfund a 6-Inch Scale Star Wars Rancor Figure

Via their HasLab crowdfunding platform, Hasbro so far successfully crowdfunded two vehicles too big for retail shelf spaces. Jabba’s sail barge and the Razor Crest went on to become crown jewels in the collection of 3-3/4-inch fans. For the next item, however, Hasbro promised a six-inch scale Black Series item, and said it wouldn’t be a vehicle. Well, the cat — or rather, a similarly predatory pet — is out of the bag now. Via Starwars.com, the Hasbro team officially announced Jabba’s Rancor.

It didn’t come as a massive surprise to anyone paying attention. Prior to COVID, Hasbro had a six-inch scale Rancor prototype in their Comic-Con display booth to gauge fan reaction. And in a recent livestream Q&A, a team member had a slip of the tongue and mentioned it seemingly accidentally. On a weekend when Galactus was meant to be the focus, and no official protos seemed ready for display, it was a premature reveal. But rather than letting us hang on the mystery, Hasbro’s Star Wars team confirmed it.

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“We hope fans of The Black Series line are prepared for this iconic creature to join their 6-inch-scale collections,” said Michael Ballog, Hasbro’s vice president for the Star Wars brand. Then he revealed this tease:

Rancors became a ubiquitous species in Star Wars following their Return of the Jedi debut. Once Hasbro makes the mould, a Felucian repaint could be possible. We’d assume Rancor keeper Malakili might be a stretch goal. Or a Gamorrean with detachable head.

How much would you pay to crowdfund/preorder the Rancor? Let us know in comments!

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