Gamestop Announces Exclusive Wookiee and Miles Morales Figures

On the face of it, Miles Morales wouldn’t seem to have much in common with Wookiees. He’s stealthy and nimble; they’re big, loud, and break stuff. He has super powers; they’re just really strong. He has hip, cool outfits, and they…don’t wear clothes. But today, they’re more alike than different, as Gamestop has begun preorders for both an exclusive Wookiee and a translucent Miles Morales. Both of them, naturally, based on video games from the Star Wars and Spider-Man universes.

The Wookiee’s name is Zaalbar, and he originates with the Knights of the Old Republic game. Sporting familiar weapons straps and bowcaster, he’s not content with just the standard sidearm. So he gets a giant sword too. This 6-inch scale Black Series figure costs $24.99, with an expected date of Aug. 1.

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Gamerverse Miles Morales costs two bucks less, at $22.99, but the wait for him stretches into October. The figure depicts Miles in stealth mode, and includes alternate hands, including venom blast variants. He too is in 6-inch scale, with the premium detail and articulation of all Marvel Legends.

So now the big question is: are you more a Star Wars person or a Spider-Man person? Or is it equal? Whom do you preorder first? Let us know in comments below.

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