Marvel Legends Captain America Stealth Shield Replica, and Mobius

They make an interesting pair: both tools of a larger bureaucracy that have a significant effect on a previously existing character. Hasbro Marvel Legends‘ latest two big reveals include the Captain America Stealth Shield from The Winter Soldier, and a new action figure based on Loki‘s Agent Mobius.

The Stealth Shield is a repaint of the previously released Captain America shield, two feet across and wearable. Straps allow it to rest comfortably on the arm. In the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers wears this on operations for the secretly Hydra-controlled S.H.IE.L.D. Its muted color scheme is meant to make him less conspicuous, but it also visually implies that he no longer truly serves the red, white, and blue. Only when he goes independent again in his old outfit does he truly serve the ideals of those colors.

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Preorder the Stealth Shield at sites like Entertainment Earth for $119.99. Note that Superhero Hype has an affiliate relationship with Entertainment Earth, and earns fees based on purchases made through our links.

Simultaneous with the shield replica, Hasbro also announced a Marvel Legends figure of Agent Mobius. Basically, it’s Owen Wilson in a suit, with mini-computer and weapon. So even non-Marvel fans who happen to like Owen Wilson might be tempted. Want to act out a Wes Anderson movie? Here’s a good place to start. Wow. Mobius will arrive exclusively at Target for $22.99. Many more images of this figure, and the Stealth Shield, appear in our gallery below.

Will your own personal Loki or Cap need these accessories? Let us know in comments.

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