Comic-Based Marvel Legends Wolverine 5-Pack to Be Amazon Exclusive

Over the last couple of weeks, Hasbro‘s Marvel Legends team gradually leaked out some early prototypes of new figures via various toy vloggers. While the company did not provide information on the release plans, the wave did seem extremely heavy on repaints and reuses. And now we know: it’s an exclusive Wolverine 5-pack, now up for preorder. (See link at the bottom of this article.)

A shirtless Logan, billed by the Marvel Legends team as the hairiest Wolverine yet, is the set’s highlight. He includes one snarling head, and another that’s bruised and cut after a healthy scrap. Ready to beat him some more, several villains show up to the party. Canadian nemesis Cyber, Morlock leader Callisto, Jason Wyngarde in Hellfire Club garb, and Omega Red with newer, longer tentacles.

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The Wolverine 5-pack arrives December 15, in time to get for the berserker-loving toy collector on your Christmas list. At $120.99, it’s reasonably priced for such things. Though anyone who needs further persuasion can see closeups of the figures in our gallery below.

Will Wolverine and his foes come home with you this holiday season? Tell us what you think in comments.

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