Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Adds Iron Monger and Wakanda Cap Figures

Another day, another addition to Hasbro‘s premium Marvel Legends Infinity Saga figure line. Or two. Having recently added the massive, 13-inch Surtur figure, the line’s going big again. The nearly as huge original MCU villain will join him. That’d be Iron Monger, the extra-large opponent to Tony Stark’s Iron Man. And in addition to his “final boss” form, the big mech comes with the man behind its mask. It’s Obadiah Stane, Tony’s old and deceptive partner, who resembles a bald Jeff Bridges. (And yes, The Big Lebowski exists in the MCU, so the resemblance would be noted.)

Hasbro made Iron Monger before as a comics build-a-figure and a movie deluxe figure, but this one appears to be all-new. The $73.99 price tag may sound daunting, but it’s actually standard with the premium upcharge the Infinity saga line has. Prior to this year’s across-the-board price raise, a regular figure would run $20 and a repackaged build-a-figure $40. Add the $6.50 upcharge the boxed figures get now, which was $5 before this year — $26.50 + $46.50 — $73. So that’s just a $1 larger upcharge on the loose BAF-sized guy.

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Also joining the line: Captain America, as he appeared in Avengers: Infinity War. Previously released as a figure, this version now comes with more deco, and additional angry head, and two painted vibranium shields. This Wakanda Cap will arrive exclusively at Walmart. Meanwhile, Iron Monger preorders are up at Entertainment Earth and other sites. (Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate program, and earns fees from purchases made through our links.)

Best of all for customizers: anyone who owns the casualwear figure of “Bro Thor” can now turn him into an actual Jeffrey Lebowski. Just carefully remove his hair, add it to bald Obadiah, head switch, and it’s done. Such figure aggression will stand, man. Get a close-up look at Stane and more in our gallery below.

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