Deadpool 3 photo variant cover cropped
(Image Source: Marvel)

Deadpool & Wolverine Movie Takes Over Marvel Comics With Photo Covers

Deadpool & Wolverine is shaping up to be the biggest movie of 2024. Marvel Comics has already been building the hype, with several series featuring Logan and the Merc With A Mouth. Now they are capitalizing on the film with a series of photo variant covers featuring Wolverine, Deadpool, and even Dogpool.

Unsurprisingly, Marvel is going on all-in on the commercial tie-ins to Deadpool & Wolverine. The film already has a host of merchandise, including Funko Pop! figures, Hot Toys figures, and a limited edition popcorn bucket. Yet comics remain the bread and butter of the publisher, with the new photo covers joining a line of variants where Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe… Again.

Marvel books with Deadpool & Wolverine photo covers

Most of the new photo covers are being reserved for the monthly Deadpool comic book that started in April. The photo variant covers will start releasing in June, and continue to come out throughout the end of August. This will give casual fans and serious collectors ample time to track these titles down.

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A full release schedule and the photo variant covers may be viewed below.

On Sale June 12 – Deadpool #3 Movie Variant Cover.
On Sale July 3 – Deadpool #4 Movie Variant Cover.
Releasing July 24 – Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII #3 Movie Variant Cover.
On Sale August 7 – Deadpool #5 Movie Variant Cover.
On Sale August 21 – Wolverine: Revenge #1 Movie Variant
Releasing August 28 – Deadpool Team-Up #1 Movie Variant Cover

Deadpool & Wolverine releases in theaters on July 26, 2024.