First Marvel’s What If…? LEGO Set Features Tony Stark on Sakaar

Marvel’s What If…? Isn’t due on Disney+ until August or thereabouts, but the merchandise machine begins here. LEGO just revealed the first images of a tie-in set featuring Tony Stark in a Marvel Cinematic Universe location he’s never been before. On the planet Sakaar, the junk planet run by the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok, this alternate Iron Man appears to have built himself a new suit of armor.

Presumably, the premise here is something like, “What if Tony Stark had gone to Sakaar instead of Hulk?” or something similar. Since Tony could subdue the green goliath in Hulkbuster armor, perhaps he could be as dominant a champion in the gladiatorial arena. And since the torso can quickly rebuild into a race car, we can deduce what Tony’s escape plan will involve. Or can we? Some Marvel LEGO sets in the past notoriously depicted scenes that never happened in the movies. They may just have decided this concept makes the best toys.

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Minifigs include Tony Stark, a Ragnarok-style Valkyrie, and Uatu the Watcher. Interestingly, Uatu’s head looks decidedly normal-sized compared to the way he’s usually depicted. LEGO might just want to save on making new parts, but it’s interesting to see him in human scale. Geta  better glimpse in our gallery below.

Since What If..? LEGO is now confirmed, fans can hope for sets based on premises that Marvel previously teased. Like a Peggy Carter Captain Britain, for example, or Zombie Captain America.

What alternate reality Marvel LEGO sets would you like? Let us know in comments.

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