New Masters of the Universe Masterverse Toys Officially Unveiled

After weeks and months of rumors and low-resolution leaks, official word from Mattel finally arrives. Masters of the Universe Masterverse, a new 7-inch scale toy line, should hit major retailers starting June 15th. While the initial wave exclusively features characters from Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the “Masterverse” brand implies it could take on more. Perhaps the missing new Adventures characters from the Classics line, more movie figures, or DC Comics-based designs. The new figures so far use a different body type than Classics, featuring unique individual sculpts. But scale-wise, they should stand together on the shelf well enough.

Wave one includes four basic figures: He-Man, Skeletor, Moss Man, and Evil-Lyn, who comes with switch out helmeted and unhelmeted heads. In addition, two oversized figures join them. Battle Cat, of course, provides He-Man a ride. And a 9-inch “Skelegod” appears to be the result of Skeletor finally gaining control of the power sword. He includes alternate hands and a green flame accessory.

The figures don’t depart too drastically from their original designs. He-Man sports the classic Battle Armor H-symbol on his harness rather than the more controversial Maltese Cross, but otherwise looks as everyone would expect. Skeletor has not just his classic duds but the forearm fins too. Moss Man lacks the fur of the vintage figure, but includes a tree blast effect. And Evil-Lyn seems more casual, but its recognizably her.

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Expect additional characters this fall. At last year’s Power-Con, Kevin Smith promised at least one crowd scene that would contain every major character in the mythos. So that gives Mattel a lot of options even if they just stick to the show.

Take a look at the official pics in our gallery below. Do they have the power? Let us know in comments.

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