G.I. Joe Villain Destro Gets the Deluxe Mezco One:12 Figure Treatment

Destro‘s chromed head always made him one of the coolest of the early G.I. Joe Real American Hero action figures. And even though he was aligned with enemy terrorists Cobra, his package touted independence. He wasn’t “Cobra: The Enemy,” he was “Destro: the Enemy”! How many G.I. Joe characters can claim their affiliation is their own name? Not many. Eventually, he even led his own faction, the Iron Grenadiers. But every time the property gets a reboot, it always comes back to the classic look. Bared chest, ruby medallion, black outfit with a big red-lined hood. And always a briefcase, like his own version of the nuclear football.

Now that Hasbro’s on a tear licensing their original characters out for higher-end figures, Mezco‘s diving in with a $100 Destro. What makes him worth the price? A arsenal of weapons, as well as detachable wrist missiles that also feature launch blast effects. (They’d burn his arm off in real life, but that’s why cartoons are better.) His briefcase opens to display light-up effects and carry some of his gear. And he includes three heads, inspired by different incarnations of the character. A blocky mask recalls the original toy, a scowling face loosely resembles his animated look, and a big toothy grin evokes the nanite mask of the live-action movie.

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The enemy weapons supplier also includes the standard custom tailored bodysuit and extra hands that accompany nearly all Mezco One:12 figures. Preorders are live now, with delivery expected around this time next year. Check out more images in our gallery below.

Will Destro supply your collection with another great figure? Let us know in comments.

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