Marvel Legends Black Widow Two-Pack and White Vision Materialize

The initial Marvel Legends wave of Black Widow figures came and went about a year ago. With no movie to explain to kids and casual fans who these new characters were, many stuck around on the pegs. (There may still be one or two at the local Walgreens.) Hasbro even requested that some online retailers withdraw them. But now, with a possible end to COVID-19 in sight, a refresher Black Widow two-pack just revealed new images. And it’s due out in August, at which point, if nothing moves, the movie will have been out for three months already.

The two pack features a redeco of David Harbour’s Red Guardian, now with masked and unmasked heads, and an accessory that looks like his own Red Guardian action figure. He’s paired with Melina Vostokoff, played by Rachel Weisz, whose first Marvel figure this is. She appears to repurpose the White Widow body, with new accessories and multiple hands. Preorders are live now at Hasbro Pulse.

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Not yet up for preorder, but coming soon, the first WandaVision action figure made himself known today. It’s White Vision — an easy repaint, but a desirable one, since MCU Vision figures tend toward the scarce and rare. And for all we know, this could become a whole new character. Depending on whose personality he manifests.

No word yet what assortment this figure could appear in, or who else the wave might contain. But judging by online popularity, some fans may riot if they don’t get Agatha.

For more images, take a look at the gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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