Animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Disguise 4-Pack Comes Loaded

It’s tough to leave the sewer undetected when you’re a giant teenage mutant ninja turtle. Even with stealthy ninja skills. Raphael sometimes wears a trenchcoat and hat, and hopes that’s just creepy enough that nobody asks questions. But on the original animated series, the whole gang needed a less “adult” version. In other words, make sure we see pants under the trenchcoats! Also, the turtles in disguise wore masks, which always look more convincing in comics and cartoons than reality.

NECA‘s latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles multipack allows fans to recreate those moments. And also, conveniently enough, allows collectors who just want the basic turtles to grab them all in one go. The disguises do come off, after all. Each turtle comes with trenchcoat, pants, fat-guy mask, ninja weapons, and two heads apiece: happy and angry. Other accessories include multiple hands, pizzas, a boombox, skateboard, baseball cap, and a pigeon. All feature black linework to make them better resemble animation cel art.

Are these the turtles you’re looking for? Let us know in comments.

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