NECA Teases Dinosaur Figures Inspired by King Kong

With a recent Facebook image, NECA just teased two new dinosaur creations, without comment. However, as many fans instantly noticed, these aren’t just any dinosaur figures. They appear to specifically be from the 1933 King Kong. The two-legged lizard crawler — inspiration for the modern Monsterverse’s “Skullcrawler” — is a particular invention of the film, while the pteranodon has a distinctly shaped face that looks familiar.

This all makes fans a lot more curious as to whether NECA has gone the extra mile to secure the specific movie rights for Kong ’33. They didn’t need them to make a Kong figure, so long as it had significant design differences, since Kong as a character is partly public domain. And generic dinosaurs, being actual animals that existed, can’t be copyrighted. But these do look specific to the movie, and lizard crawlers, so far as we know, were never real.

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Of course, even if they have the movie rights, not everything is possible, or affordable. The Empire State Building, for example, has its own copyrights, as do specific models of airplane. Not to mention the estates of every actor. But fans en masse are hoping for a tyrannosaurus in scale with NECA’s Kong, at minimum. Which is something other companies have taken a crack at before.

Whatever the case, more high-quality dinosaur figures are always welcome.

What would you like to see from the classic world of Kong? Let us know in comments!

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