Val Kilmer and Chris O’Donnell Become Batman Forever Hot Toys Figures

At the time of its release, Batman Forever appeared to be the movie that saved the Batman cinematic franchise. Steering away from Tim Burton’s more gothic horror elements, it replaced Michael Keaton with the more conventionally square-jawed Val Kilmer, and included references to the 1966 TV show. In the decades since, it’s become known as the movie that put nipples on the Batsuit. Director Joel Schumacher, previously a costume designer, revamped the Batman and Robin outfits to look more like Greek statues.

But everything comes around again. For all the Tim Burton fans outraged at Warner Bros.’ different direction, there’s an entire generation for whom Kilmer was the first Batman. And they’re old enough now to afford Hot Toys figures. At around $250 apiece, these are the highest-end Batman Forever figures made to date. And the Batman even features a “rolling eye” design for a variety of looks.

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Batman comes in his climactic sonar suit with a wide array of weapons and gadgets. Robin comes in his Alfred-designed Robin suit, with multiple hands and two-toned cape. Both figures feature the distinct sculpted codpieces and glutes that the movie itself liked to highlight. Preorder now for delivery next summer.

Our gallery below contains many more images. Will this be a Batman forever yours? Let us know in comments.

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