Marvel Legends Unleashes the Hulk as Maestro Figure

Hasbro will definitely get their money’s worth out of this oversized Hulk sculpt. They’ve already used it for a retro Hulk, an anniversary Hulk, a red Hulk, and a gray Hulk. But now it’s time for the Maestro to appear. A future Hulk who lords over a post-apocalyptic world, Maestro has the strength of the Hulk and the brains of Bruce Banner. Also the beard of Santa Claus, but nobody’s going to tell him that.

Today, Hasbro announced his new Marvel Legends action figure. It’s expected to hit most online stores around August, and Hasbro Pulse in October. Above and beyond the familiar body sculpt, Maestro features new wrist armor, necklace, and head sculpt. He comes packed with interchangeable open hands and fists. In keeping with the standard pricing for oversized/build-a-figure scale Marvel Legends, he costs around $30.

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Maestro made his first comics appearance in 1992, in Peter David and George Perez’ The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1. He has since appeared in the main universe as a time traveller from an alternate future, as well as in Old Man Logan and Secret Wars‘ Battleworld. Most recently, he showed up in the Kate Bishop operation pack for the Marvel’s Avengers game.

Get a better look at the figure in our gallery below.

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