Hasbro Marvel Legends Retro Series 1 Single Figures Emerge

Following a limited series of two-packs last holiday season, Hasbro will unleash the first wave of single-carded Marvel Legends Retro figures in March. Set to hit Target first, and other outlets a month later, these 3-3/4 inch figures mimic Kenner lines of old. Consider it the Marvel’s What If..? of toy lines. If Kenner had made Marvel toys at the same time as vintage Star Wars, how would they come out? With bright colors and stylish comic-based packaging, clearly.

The first series features a mix of A and B-listers from different teams. Hulk, Carol Danvers and Human Torch make up the hero roster, with Magneto the sole villain. With their small size and five-point articulation, the figures are also super-affordable at $9.99. The goal is to make it easy for kids to collect a whole roster they can easily carry around in pockets. And for collectors to hit the sweet nostalgia spot for the original age of smaller action figures.

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It’s interesting that Hasbro outsources many of their in-house licenses like Transformers and Power Rangers out to Super7 for 3-3/4 inch figures. But when it comes to their top two licensed lines — Star Wars and Marvel — they’re holding on tightly to those retro rights. Expect to see many more superheroes like these if the first wave proves popular.

Who would you like to see in future Marvel Legends Retro waves? Take a look at our gallery below, then let us know whom you’d add, in our comments below.

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