Iron Studios’ Willy Wonka Statue Is a Thing of Pure Imagination

As Hollywood prepares to begin casting a supposed Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory prequel movie, many fans naturally cast their minds back to the original. Author Roald Dahl may had issues with the best-known adaptation of his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, to most movie fans, Gene Wilder simply is Willy Wonka. And to anyone who disagrees, they say good day, sir! And this new Iron Studios Willy Wonka statue is for them.

The statue depicts Wilder’s Wonka holding up one of his signature chocolate bars. In front of him stand two Oompa-Loompas. And the base represents the chocolate room, in which everything is “eatable” and the chocolate river flows into pipes. Also, like many Iron Studios statues, the scale is 1/10, which makes Mr. Wonka around 8 inches tall.

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Preorders begin now for release in December. The price tag runs $249.99, with payment plans available. Furtherore, to make the statue even more desirable, Iron Studios will adopt a Wonka-style gimmick: “To honor this masterpiece, Iron Studios will hide some “Golden Tickets” inside the boxes of this piece, distributed worldwide and will prepare a special surprise for the lucky ones who find these tickets.”

Take a look at more angles on the statue in the gallery below. Will this candy man come home with you? Let us know in comments.

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