Tamashii Nations Rolls Out Stylish 40th Anniversary Pac-Man Figures

Wakka wakka! Pac-Man turned 40 years old this year, and despite being middle-aged and a constant eater, he’s maintained his circular figure. Constantly running for one’s life from murderous ghosts does a body good. Other video game icons have evolved — Mario, for example, went from construction worker fighting a gorilla to a magic plumber who drives race cars and possesses other creatures. But Pac-Man keeps it simple. He’s a yellow mouth in a maze, eating and escaping. And he leaves more complicated rule changes to other members of his family. What better way to celebrate this icon than with new Pac-man figures?

Bandai‘s Tamashii Nations has three big ones coming out. First up is the “Proplica,” based on Pac-Man’s actual game appearance, and featuring electronic sound effects.

Next is the S.H. Figuarts figure, based on the classic animated look, as seen in ads and cartoons. As super-poseable as a ball with limbs can be, he also includes interchangeable hands and face. And he comes with a cherry and mini-Blinky that are compatible with Tamashii nations figure stands.

Finally, the Pac-Man Chogokin reimagines Pac-Man as the driver of a giant Pac-Man-themed steampunk mech. This shiny creation can shift into an alternate vehicle mode, with firing fists and robot ghosts.

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Expect these figures to arrive in June, May, and August respectively, in Japan. U.S. retailers ought to import them shortly thereafter.

We’ve “Pac’d” a few more images into a gallery below. Check them out and tell us what you think of these new anniversary Pac-Man figures.

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