McFarlane Toys Batman Beyond Action Figure Is on the Way

The future of Batman is looking up. While comic book characters rarely age, Bruce Wayne gets old enough in at least one continuity to hire a protegee, Terry McGinnis. And in a futuristic Gotham City, Terry becomes the black clad, wingsuit-wearing new Batman. Earlier this week, images leaked of a potential McFarlane Toys Batman Beyond action figure of Terry, and now the company has confirmed with a much clearer image. While Batman Beyond debuted as a stylized, animated character on TV, and McFarlane has done a few  figures in that style, this one comes based on the comic version that became canon after the show debuted.

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Via Facebook announcement, McFarlane Toys posted, “We’ve been seeing the comments and we’re here to deliver! Our 7″ Batman from Batman Beyond the Animated Series is joining our lineup in Spring 2021!” With translucent jet flames emanating from his feet, this  Batman Beyond action figure seems a likely contender to include McFarlane’s DC flight stand. But like many realistic iterations of this character, it’s unclear how exactly the mask theoretically works. Does it feature an immovable mouth sculpt, like the Power Rangers and Snake Eyes? Or is it skin-tight and movable? Until a live-action incarnation exists, the world may never know.

Now, will we get an old Bruce with Ace the Bathound? Would you buy one? Let us know in comments.

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