The Bad Batch Get Their First Star Wars Action Figures

They’re bad. They’re a batch. And now half of them will get immortalized in plastic, with the other two sure to follow. Four ornery clone troopers who’ve mutated to have specialized skills and not look exactly like Temuera Morrison, these guys debuted in the final season of The Clone Wars. And apparently they pleased enough fans and Lucasfilm creatives that they’re getting their own show. The Bad Batch will be the next official Star Wars animated series, so Hasbro’s getting proactive and planning six-inch Black Series figures of two of them for a June release.

The Bad Batch have extremely functional names, so nobody has to ask what particular skills Hunter and Crosshairs have. Both figures come with weapons specific to those abilities, and removable helmets. And coming out around the same time is another Clone Wars favorite: Asajj Ventriss. The Sith apprentice to Count Dooku who was ultimately cast aside, Ventriss comes with two curved-handle lightsabers. They can swing separately like the Count’s blade, or combine for a more Darth Maul-style staff.

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Both Bad Batch figures sold out of preorders almost immediately at Hasbro Pulse, so it seems they have a loyal following. Their solo show, set in the post-Clone Wars era, will debut on Disney+ sometime next year.

For more images, see our gallery below. Then tell us what you think of the Bad Batch in comments.

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