Hasbro Unleashes Multiple New The Mandalorian Star Wars Toys

The Mandalorian isn’t just the hottest property in the Star Wars universe right now. Thanks to COVID-19 shutting most U.S. movie theaters down, it’s one of the hottest things in entertainment, period. Which makes some people wonder why there haven’t been more Mandalorian Star Wars toys before now. Thank the relatively short window between seasons, plus Disney’s emphasis on secrecy. A year ago, Hasbro opted for a “Triple Force Friday” to simultaneously launch items from The Rise of Skywalker, Jedi Fallen Order, and The Mandalorian all at once. It was fairly obvious the toy designers hadn’t been shown a lot of any of the properties in advance, and new toys generally take about a year to get out. Everyone rushed Baby Yoda items to market as quickly as possible, but right about now is when we should have been expecting anything significant. And we just got it.

Not one, not two, but three action figure lines will hit stores soon. The six-inch Black Series adds a Target exclusive deluxe figure of the Mandalorian himself. And now that the Hasbro team has seen the first season, he’s correctly labeled Din Djarin. Packed with Baby Yoda and the hover pram, he also sports a removable helmet, though anyone who respects The Way will not remove it. Also in the Black Series, Jason Sudeikis’ baby-punching Scout trooper comes on his bike, along with an exclusive kidnapped Child.

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The Vintage collection, in classic 3-3/4 scale, adds key characters like the Armorer and Moff Gideon. But another 3-3/4 line, in the ’70s retro Kenner style, will be the first to include Kuiil, and feature vintage vinyl capes.

Finally, Hasbro revealed a first-look at the painted prototype for the crowd-funded razor Crest, along with the two included variants of Din and Child. And their animatronic Baby Yoda will get a reissue with a carrier bag. All this in addition to the Credit Collection and Carbonized repaints we reported on previously.

Take a look at some highlights in the gallery below. Then tell us your favorite in comments.

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