The Mandalorian Gets Exclusive Repaint Figures and New Baby Yodas

It’s fairly safe to say Hasbro underestimated the popularity of The Mandalorian. Yes, they finally caught up to Baby Yoda demand after seeing that character for the first time. But action figures of the Mandalorian himself and his allies do not come easily, and sell out fast. In part because of how tough those first figures became to find, Hasbro’s rolling out some new repaints that may find their way to collectors’ hands more quickly. And along with those, naturally we get some new Baby Yodas.

Most of the 6-inch figures released based on The Mandalorian return with new deco and picture cards as part of the Credit Collection, which also includes a replica Imperial Credit. But the word has a double meaning. They’re repainted to reflect the concept art in the show’s end credits. That means extra weathering and lighting effects. (As a fun bonus, this also makes Din Djarin look A LOT like Holiday Special Boba Fett.) It’s also going to mean a slightly higher price and store exclusivity. Mando and Death Trooper will show up at Amazon, IG-11 at Gamestop, Cara Dune at Target, and the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian (Paz Viszla) at Best Buy. All will cost $24.99, save the oversized Infantry at $34.99.

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The 3.75-inch vintage collection will get its first “carbonized” figures, featuring a metallic finish. These will show up exclusively at Walmart for $17.99 and include the Mandalorian, Cara Dune, Death Trooper, and Remnant Trooper. But perhaps most important of all is the Bounty Collection Series 2, featuring cute caricatured collectible figurines of the Child. This time around, poses include the cheeky baby pushing a button, riding in a Speeder Bike or hover pram, hanging out in a Stormtrooper helmet, playing with a necklace, and dealing with fire.

Preorders for all these items should begin around 1pm Pacific time today at the relevant retailers. In the meantime, check out many, many more photos of each individual item below.

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