McFarlane Toys Shows Off Bane Build-a-Figure, Its Biggest DC Toy Yet

When McFarlane Toys first revealed a Batman: Last Knight on Earth wave of figures, mentioning a build-a-figure they couldn’t show yet, fans knew what was coming. Considering the wave contained the uber-creepy cyborg Scarecrow, and he and a certain other character worked as a team in the book. Yep, it’s a Bane build-a-figure. And the only real surprise is why it took McFarlane Toys even this long to make him. Recall Todd McFarlane’s love of similar giant bruiser characters in the Spawniverse like the Creech and Overtkill.

In a Tweet, McFarlane showcased just how much bigger Bane will be than the same-scale (but different artist style) Robin action figure. It appears the company will look to a more consistent scale across styles for DC in the future. Unlike their first Batman with his tiny head.

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For a more full video explanation, in which McFarlane himself extols the sheer amount of plastic Bane contains, check out the creator’s Facebook page. To build Bane, collectors will need to pick up Batman, Wonder Woman, Scarecrow, and Omega for all the parts. The final figure looms larger than even the Batman-Doomsday Devastator figure.

Will this Bane build-a-figure be yours when ready? Let us know in comments!

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