Batman: Last Knight on Earth Figures by McFarlane Toys

Anyone predicting what DC Comics toys Todd McFarlane will make next might do well to remember that Greg Capullo used to be a Spawn artist. Trusting a guy to render your own creation, and being well satisfied…that’s the kind of thing that creates a bond. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to toys, more Capullo Batman figures keep coming. On Batman Day, the latest to join the roster is a build-a-figure wave based on Batman: Last Knight on Earth.

In the post-apocalyptic Black Label “final” Batman story, Bruce Wayne wakes up in an asylum never having been Batman except in delusions. He finds a world destroyed, in which some villains and heroes work together. Creating a makeshift Batsuit, and finding the still-alive head of the Joker inside a lantern, he roams this future-scape to try and discover what happened to the planet. And who’s responsible for this.

The four figures comprising the wave include Batman, Wonder Woman, Omega, and Scarecrow. Informed speculation has it that the build-a-figure will be Bane, on whose back this new creepier cyber-Scarecrow rides, Master-Blaster style. Omega is the new villain of the title, while Batman will indeed come with a Joker-head lantern, not shown here.

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It’s not clear how that Scarecrow can even stand up on its own. He needs a Bane. As usual, build-a-figures will an additional $5 above the normal $19.99 to the price of each individual character.

What do you think of the Last Knight on Earth figures? Which Greg Capullo Batmen do you want Todd to inevitably get to next? Let us know in comments.

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