McFarlane Toys Reveals a New 12-Inch Spawn Figure

For any fans nostalgic for a more ’90s kind of Spawn action figure, Todd McFarlane had good news today. It’s been years since McFarlane Toys made a foot-tall Spawn, and the company’s newfound appreciation of articulation made their last Spawn super-poseable. But now we’re getting a new Commando Spawn as a 12-incher, and like older Spawn figures he’s less articulated, and posed dynamically. This 12-inch Spawn will become available, in the words of Todd McFarlane, “soon.”

This Spawn sports a newer style of costume, with Marvel movie-style armor beneath the standard big cape and spiky boots/gauntlets. He wields a gun in one hand, and can hold a removable green necro blast in the other. The translucent energy flash includes holes for all his fingers to slip through. If it keeps pace with other McFarlane figures of a similar style, retail should run about $39.99.

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Officially, of course, this is a Mortal Kombat figure. But as of now, it’s the only 12-inch one. And really, it’s a throwback to the time when McFarlane put out 12-inch Spawns in cool poses on a regular basis.

Will you welcome the Hellspawn back to a larger scale? Let us know in comments.

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