Transformers Studio Series Adds 1986 Film to Its Movie Replicas Lineup

Hasbro initially announced the Transformers Studio Series line as a way to do justice to the Michael Bay films. Moreover, using the direct digital models from the films, the line promised the most accurate-to-screen Transformers toys possible, and all in a consistent scale. While some “cheats” have occurred — The Last Knight‘s Cogman merely becoming the head off a larger Autobot, for one — they mostly stayed in line with what Bay delivered. When Travis Knight took the helm for Bumblebee, the line continued.

But, of course, there’s another Transformers film. From 1986, The Transformers: The Movie remains an uncontroversial favorite among fans, even as the “Bayformers” always spark debate and divide. Featuring Orson Welles in his final role as the planet-eating Unicron, the movie notably killed off Optimus Prime and many classic characters. Largely to persuade kids to buy an entire new lineup replacing them.

And now the Studio Series extends to that movie. Unlike with the live-action films, Hasbro doesn’t have special effects models to work directly from. Instead, the 1986-style figures of Grimlock, Hot Rod and the rest actually feature more detail than their cartoon counterparts. Though they do use the familiar designs and colors. And as usual, all come with cardboard diorama backdrops to recreate movie scenes. The Studio Series isn’t done yet with the Bay models, however, as the appropriately numbered 69th figure in the line is a boxed set of Revenge of the Fallen Constructicons.

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In addition to the 1986 movies figures, Hasbro also recently announced some new retail exclusives. Check out Chromedome, Hardhead, Runabout, Thrust, Micromasters and more in the gallery below. Preorders should now up at Walmart, Target, Amazon and more, with delivery expected around January or February for most.

Do you have the touch? You’ve got the power! Let us know in comments, though, if you will buy these robots too.

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