Pulse Con 2020 Reveals Several New Transformers Figures

While Netflix prepares for Earthrise, the second part of the War for Cybertron trilogy, Hasbro proceed onward to the third part, Kingdom. In this scenario, the Transformers will reach Earth amid time paradoxes, and encounter the Beast Wars incarnations. As such, the Transformers figures reflecting that storyline includes both beast and vehicle characters. Among the highlights: two fossil-based robots named Vertebreak and Paleotrex, the latter of which can also become a weapons system for larger robots.

Tyrannosaurus Megatron and Optimus “Munky not Trukk” Primal are of course back, along with popular faves Cheetor, Blackarachnia, and Rattrap. We’ll also get a small-scaled Core Class Optimus, aimed at younger fans.

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In honor of the tenth anniversary of Transformers Prime, previous Japan-only releases Breakdown and Vehicon, along with a souped-up and chromed Hades Megatron, will finally become available stateside. And the non-transforming, Walmart-exclusive R.E.D. figure line adds Arcee and Cheetor. Rounding out the reveals, Amazon will exclusively sell the Cybertron Galactic Odyssey Collection Biosfera Autobot Clones 2-Pack. Also, if anyone missed out on that Tom Cruise Top Gun Transformer, it’s coming back in stock at Hasbro Pulse.

Take a look through the gallery below for a look at everything shown. Then tell us your favorites in comments.

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