Castle Grayskull Returns to Store Shelves This Coming Spring

By the power of…well, obviously. With Mattel‘s retro-style Masters of the Universe Origins figures rapidly selling out at Walmart locations everywhere, the next step became inevitable. Castle Grayskull, the original fortress of mystery and power, will return circa April to give He-Man a base of operations and Skeletor an inviting target. Like the other Origins figures, it’s the same scale as the original ’80s playset, but an entirely new old-style sculpt. And because it’s been a couple of decades, the castle’s closer to $80 than $40.

But all the old features seem intact. The working elevator, trap door, jawbridge, combat trainer and weapons rack come included. And as a bonus, a special Sorceress figure too, who didn’t appear in the original line until the final year. This white costume variant mimics her appearance from the ‘Temple of Darkness” minicomic.

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For now, Castle Grayskull remains a Walmart exclusive, up for $74.97 preorder.  If that seems high, remember that the one for 7-inch Classics figures originally sold for $300, and now sells for around $1500 on the secondary market. And the smaller, LEGO-styled Mega Construx Grayskull runs upward of $200.

Take a look at a few more images in our gallery down below. Will this playset “have the power” for you? Let us know in comments.

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