Children of Thanos Get a Movie Makeover in Marvel Legends Box Set

Collecting all of the Children of Thanos Marvel Legends action figures from Avengers: Infinity War proved no easy task when they first hit stores. Two of them came as build-a-figures, while one only saw release in an elusive, exclusive two-pack. And even then, some fans who did collect them all complained that they didn’t look entirely movie accurate. To come out in time for the movie’s release, the figures had to be based on production art rather than fully finished special effects, after all. Thanos himself got a more screen-based makeover for the MCU anniversary line, but his “kids” didn’t get as lucky. Now that’s been remedied, as a new Amazon-exclusive box set corrects the omissions.

Thanos himself has the most obvious new parts, with scorched face and arm from the second snap, plus a new bonus clean head. Cull Obsidian is next, wearing more clothes than his prior incarnation. Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, and Proxima Midnight weren’t as far off, but Hasbro has made some dceo changes for greater fealty.

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At $120, this Children of Thanos set becomes a much cheaper deal than trying to track down all the prior versions. Amazon is now taking preorders for Christmas delivery. For a closer look, take in our gallery down below.

What’s your snap judgment of this new set? Will it be the endgame for your holiday shopping? Let us know in comments.

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