Tom Cruise as Maverick Becomes a Top Gun Transformers Toy

The Transformers Collaborative line, in which vehicles from other properties become converting robot toys, seems to have a theme going. Ghostbusters, Back to the Future…they’re all ’80s hits, just like the original Transformers toy line. And now, in the same spirit, the line feels a need for speed. Top Gun is the latest property to, well, take your breath away. Tom Cruise can do many things, including some crazy stunts, and he veen plans to go to space to film his next movie. But become a transforming robot? Apparently that too, since this Top Gun Transformers figure is indeed named Maverick.

A mash-up of styles, this Maverick mostly resembles the original movie’s F-14. However, it also ties into the upcoming sequel, with a head that resembles Cruise’s helmet in Top Gun: Maverick. Best of all, in a detail that nods to the movie’s most talked about scene, it comes with a robot-sized volleyball. Now fans just need a transforming Val Kilmer Batmobile to play with him.

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Transformers fans obviously notice something that Cruise fans might not. Traditionally, at least in the ’80s, F-14 jets always transformed into Decepticons. With few exceptions, Tom Cruise generally plays the hero. But if Maverick says he wants to be an F-14, maybe even Optimus Prime has a hard time telling him no.

Preorder the Top Gun Transformers Maverick now at Hasbro Pulse, to which it is exclusive. It’s a $49.99 price tag, and expected to arrive in early October.

Does your collection “feel the need?” Check out the full gallery below and let us know in comments.

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