McFarlane Toys Death Metal Batman, Red Son Superman and More

Ever since McFarlane Toys revealed a Death Metal Batcycle, fans have wondered when a Batman would come along to ride it. In the newest wave of DC Multiverse figures, Death Metal Batman arrives. Clad in a heavy trenchcoat and carrying a scythe, he looks both totally metal…and like Death. Whether or not he can attain a sitting pose on the cycle remains to be seen.

Hot Topic Batman isn’t the only new reveal today. His wave also includes The Drowned, previously revealed in prototype form at DC FanDome. Aquaman-powers evil Bryce Wayne now shows her full colors in a brand new glamor shot.

And what’s Batman without Robin? Damien Wayne has a more intricate costume than many of his predecessors, and comes armed with ninja weapons. But he still ties his shoelaces like everyone else.

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McFarlane finally seems to be pivoting to Superman variants as well as Batman, and one of the most notable is Red Son Superman. The superior Soviet strongman from an alternate reality, this Comrade fights for Communism and Mother Russia. That symbol on his chest doesn’t quite mean “hope” in the same way. Not to capitalists, at least.

The Death Metal Batman wave hits stores in January. Which of these World’s Finest will join your collection? Let us know in comments.

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