Todd McFarlane Shares Test Shot of Kickstarter Spawn Figure

McFarlane Toys‘ first Kickstarter Spawn figure should arrive to backers within two months now. Creator Todd McFarlane has been sharing the remake of his original Spawn action figure at every step along the way, and now it’s almost ready. Everything but the paint, anyway. Via Instagram, he dropped a look at the modern variant, distinguished by its large forearm gauntlet and distinctive big boot.

While this figure will not feature the now-standard 22-point articulation scheme of most McFarlane figures, it will feature flip-open joints on the cape. Those were initially promised on the very first figure but never delivered, in favor of bendy seams. At last, this Spawn can display with his gigantic cape open or closed. Fans requested an ab-crunch joint, but McFarlane, after testing some skin-over-frame options, chose a static torso, closer to the original toy.

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The Kickstarter Spawn will only be available to backers and secondary-market sellers. The original justification for using Kickstarter was because retailers preferred waves of figures rather than one-offs. McFarlane’s new Gold Label collector series for Walmart, however, does seem designed for more individual figures, as so far it includes one Batman, one Witcher, and one Spawn. Where things go from here could be interesting.

Did you order Kickstarter Spawn? If not, do you regret it now? Please tell us your thoughts in comments.

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