Todd McFarlane to Remake Original Spawn Figures With Kickstarter

Times sure have changed. The maverick artist and writer who started his own toy company mainly so he could make toys of his own signature character…has grown it so big that he needs donations to fund the original character again. That’s just how the market is an era where toy stores no longer exist, and buyers for larger chains want an identifiable media product tie-in. Until Todd McFarlane‘s eternally in-development Spawn movie remake becomes real, a monthly comic just isn’t enough any more. So now he’s looking to go back to the original Spawn figures with help from the fans.

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At Toy Fair, McFarlane showed off an entirely new sculpt based on the very first McFarlane Toys Spawn figure with the spring-open cape. And in the video below, he talks about his plans to fund it via Kickstarter. If it does well, the other original five will follow. Regarding modern sculpts, he refers to the original Overtkill as being a 3/10, versus the 9/10 he could make now.

It sounds like he has big plans, if collectors want to buy into them. After the Spawn remakes, he wants to add new figures to older lines like Tortured Souls, twisted Christmas, and twisted Land of Oz. But as yet, the specific details remain under wraps. Looks like that placard suggests a $100 buy-in, though, which seems a lot for one 7-inch figure. Here’s hoping it gets the backers more rewards than that. And here’s hoping we see news on that front sooner than we see the Spawn movie.

Take a look at a few more pics of the Spawn proto in our gallery below. Would you help Kickstart this figure? Tell us in comments below.