Hot Toys Mixes Cute and Terrifying With Venomized Groot Figure

“I am Groot!” “We are Venom!” Hey, why not both? Spider-Man merchandise this year continues to go all-in on the Maximum Venom storyline. But what happens when the scary, fang-filled Klyntar meets the super-cute baby Groot, everyone’s favorite adorable little space alien who isn’t green with Force powers? The result is Hot Toys‘ Venomized Groot. And it’s also a unique mix of cute and frightening, with custom parts to nudge it more in one direction or the other. Choose a full- or half-Venomized head, and a Groot or Venom left arm also.

From the official description: “Sophisticatedly crafted based on the iconic appearance of Venomized Groot in the renowned animation series, the Life-Size figure stands approximately 25cm [9.8 inches] tall features a venomous version of Groot with beautifully applied paint applications. Highly detail facial expression of Groot face sculpts with venomized twist and tree texture including two newly developed interchangeable face sculpts (a half Venom and half Groot, and a complete Venomized Groot face sculpt); two styles of interchangeable tongues; a newly developed specialized body with plant like green vines; attachable body part for Venomized Groot; a number of toothy venus fly traps attachable to figure’s back and arms, and a dynamic figure stand for display!”

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There’s some precedent in pop culture for babies with fangs to be beloved (or hated) — that “Baby Shark” song everyone plays incessantly proves it. Moreover, in a fight, a Venomized Baby Groot could take a baby shark. Because both characters that make up its personality and body are survivors. Check out more images in the gallery below.

Will Venomized Groot join your team of toys? Let us know in comments.

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