Official Wonder Woman 1984 LEGO Set Images, With Cheetah

Later this month, DC FanDome should provide the very first look at Wonder Woman 1984 villain Barbara Minerva in full Cheetah form. Today, however, LEGO provided a good official look at their LEGO version of the movie character. Images of the set leaked online earlier this year, but this is the real deal. In what appears to be a climactic battle, this Wonder Woman 1984 LEGO set features Wonder Woman in her golden wings armor confronting Cheetah in front of Maxwell Lord. The location looks like some kind of secret TV studio in the jungle. A big spider surveys the action.

Now, it should be noted that LEGO sets do not necessarily depict scenes from the movie. The first movie included a tie-in set that had Steve Trevor attacking Ares in his open-topped World War I fighter plane.  Licensees don’t necessarily know everything about the movie, so they make educated guesses based on production art and reference material. But it certainly looks like some of the images seen in the trailers.

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Hitting major retailers everywhere right now, this set runs around $39.99. Take a closer look in our gallery below.

What do you think of the look of Cheetah so far? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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