Jazwares Unveil Their First Halo Action Figures

Many toy companies have held the Halo license over the years since Joyride back in 2003, and now a new challenger has entered the arena. Jazwares, which kept their offerings under wraps to photographers at Toy Fair, just revealed the first three Halo action figures in the 6.5 Spartan Collection line. They take over the action figure license from Mattel, which retains the brick construction set rights for Mega Construx.

Toyark discovered the images as Gamestop pre-sales, with each figure going for a cheap-for-Gamestop $19.99. Naturally, the iconic Master Chief is first. Jazwares describes him as “Wielding an MA40 Assault Rifle against anyone who threatens the safety of humanity, this Master Chief 6.5” figure comes with high-quality details, full articulation for posing, and accessories for customizing play and display.”

The next figure is a black and white Spartan Mark V (B). “Whether they’re slaying enemy forces, completing vital mission objectives, or capturing that final climactic flag, any Spartan wearing Mark V Mjolnir armor is an essential member of the UNSC forces.”

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Finally, Kat-B320, a.k.a. Noble Two from Halo: Reach, joins the line-up. She comes with two guns and what looks like a removable helmet. (Though it could also be an interchangeable head.)

Each figure looks to sport extensive articulation, and build on Jazware’s talents for game figures seen in their Fortnite line. At 6.5 inches, however, it’s not clear if they’ll scale easily with comparable popular figures.

Will you go all-in on a new company’s take on Halo? Let us know what you think of these images in comments below.

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