NECA’s Comic-Con@Home Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Reveals

As fans fight it out online trying to find previous retail exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures by NECA, the company showed off a bunch more. They won’t physically come to San Diego for the not-happening Comic-Con, but NECA will spend the week revealing new items online. Turtles being the most in-demand, they came first. And the Turtles toy revals covered all three branches of NECA’s license — ’90s cartoon, ’90s movies, and classic video games.

Cartoon-related figures represent the largest slice of the license, and they’re getting big. All four Turtles in their animated looks will upsize to quarter scale. Moreover, these larger toys feature mix-and-match head parts to vary their facial expressions. Major animated characters include April’s co-worker Vernon, with interchangeable Were-Rat parts, in a two-pack with Rat King and bonus rodents. Also coming as a pair: mutated sewer worker Muckman, alongside skateboarding reptile Mondo Gecko. Alas, Muckman does not look like he will drip with ooze the way the vintage toy did. All of these remain Target exclusives.

For the Walmart movie line, NECA offered a tease of two figures long overdue: Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi, with caged Splinter. The young Shredder and his arch-enemy have never appeared like this in toy form before.

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Finally, for the specialty-store exclusive video game series, a work-in-progress sculpt of Baxter Stockman showed up. It’s distinctly different from the animated-style prototype shown at prior events, and will include a giant attack hand.

Get a good look at all the reveals in our gallery below. Will you feel the Turtle Power? Let us know in comments.

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