Louis Tully and Vinz Clortho Get a Ghostbusters Toy Two-Pack

Louis may not have a Milk Bone, but Hasbro just threw Ghostbusters fans a big one. As part of their Ghostbusters Plasma collection, the toy company made a Terror Dog the build-a-figure, requiring purchase of all six wave one characters. But as anyone who’s seen the movie knows, there are TWO Terror Dogs. Were fans who wanted to pose Gozer with both her pets going to have to buy every figure twice? As of today, the answer is no. Debuting at io9, the latest Ghostbusters toy reveal allows collectors to just buy one of the beasts outright, along with Rick Moranis’ poor, possessed Louis Tully.

Complete with dynamic display packaging and too-big-for-toy-shelves box, the two pack seems like something intended to be a Comic-Con exclusive. Like Hasbro’s other such offerings, it’s set to go on sale at Pulse in September. If $50 seems high, keep in mind that assembling the parts for another Terror Dog takes a minimum of $120 brand new. With Louis now done, Hasbro needs to hurry up and get to Janine and Slimer next, to fully complete the core Ghostbusters gang. Though that scary librarian ghost could look really creepy on the shelf next to them all.

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Who would you like to see next in the Ghostbusters toy line? Anyone for Walter Peck, or are the background creatures way cooler? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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