Battle Cat Arrives in the Latest Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Set

While Masters of the Universe Origins figures remain scarce Walmart exclusives so far, He-Man fans get their fix from the LEGO-compatible Mega Construx. More muscular than those yellow minifigs, the heroes and villains of Eternia can now battle in brick-built areas. Including possibly the most elaborate Castle Grayskull ever. But despite an ample figure roster that includes deep-cut variants like Red Beast and Green Goddess, one key character has been missing until now. It’s He-Man’s best animal pal and steed, Battle Cat, finally set to show up next month.

The heroic alter-ego of the cowardly Cringer comes packed in a set with Battle Armor He-Man. They face off against Mer-Man, aboard the evil vehicle Roton. It’s a basic battle set that works for collectors who don’t own any others. For more completist buyers, however, it’s a must for the green tiger alone.

To add to the fun, Roton includes a spinning buzzsaw blade and stud shooters. For anyone counting, that means one more action feature than the original full-sized toy had. At $29.99, this adventure set seems a solid deal, and should hit major retailers by the end of August.

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What classic Masters of the Universe would you like to see as official brick builds? Let us know in comments.

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